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Moving to or from Weybridge & Cobham

Taking the stress out of Moving HomeAre you moving home to Weybridge or Cobham? If you are moving your home and family from abroad to this highly desirable pocket of Surrey, or further afield in the UK, you will undoubtedly want a company who handles your precious home contents with absolute care and expertise.

With over 149 years of experience as a leading UK removals company, our friendly, expert relocation team will take the stress out of moving home or office. We are sympathetic to the trials and tribulations that a household move can incur, and we orientated our service around providing peace of mind and an efficient, no-nonsense service every step of the way. Whether you are moving to or from Weybridge and Cobham, or further afield. Moving home may never rank as your favourite experience, but we pride ourselves on making the experience as hassle-free and streamlined as possible.

Full-liability cover throughout your move
Knowledgeable, qualified staff who know the Weybridge & Cobham area
Secure container storage, our own secure removals vehicles
UK-wide relocation service from our Hampshire HQ

Our wealth of experience moving homeowners in Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire means we’re ideally positioned to provide both a localised, community orientated’ removal and storage service as well as a nationwide or European relocation service.

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A few of the benefits of hiring a local removals firm…

We know the traffic flow, best times of day to move and we know where to park.
We offer overnight storage (or for as long as you require)
Our size allows us to be more competitive than many other local removal companies across Hampshire and Surrey
Employing a local removal company in Weybridge and Cobham means we spend less travelling time to your residence.
Intimate geographical knowledge of Weybridge, Cobham & the surrounding areas.
Free estimates and advice before, during and after your move!
We can despatch extra vehicles or resources as required promptly from our Aldershot HQ – just up the road from Weybridge and Cobham.

6 Wikipedia facts about Weybridge and Cobham

Weybridge has one of the UK’s most desirable private estates – St George’s Hill
It’s home to the famous former Brooklands Aerodrome and Race Circuit
Cobham is an ancient settlement whose origins can be traced back through Roman times to the Iron Age.
On the outskirts of Cobham is Stoke d'Abernon, whose name is taken from a family who settled here at time of the Norman conquest in 1066.
Weybridge is the UK headquarters of Sony, Procter & Gamble and Toshiba.
Weybridge is featured in H. G. Wells' classic, The War of the Worlds

Secure Storage Solutions In Weybridge & Cobham

Home storage in Weybridge and Cobham

Taking the stress out of Moving HomeAre you a homeowner requiring long or short term storage for furniture and personal effects for which you no longer have room? Perhaps you are soon to be travelling on away on work, decorating or renovating your home, or relocating to a smaller property and require secure flexible storage? Our three, large, secure purpose-built Hampshire storage facilities in Aldershot, Farnborough and Petersfield.

Benefits of using a local storage company

Moving to or from the desirable areas of Weybridge and Cobham, Surrey, and need a trustworthy flexible storage company? Why trust your precious belongings with a firm who don’t have an exemplary track record? Whether you need storage overnight, monthly or indefinitely we’ll be happy to accommodate your household or business storage requirements.

Our home and business storage prices are cheaper than most other self-storage facilities
Discounts available for storage over 12 months
Flexible storage – we can even deliver, collect and store your belongings for you
Friendly staff – our experienced warehouse staff will be on hand to assist customers with packaging, loading and unloading.
Our home and business storage facilities incorporate the latest sophisticated fire and security systems
Your first week’s storage is FREE!

Want to know more about our removals service? Read our removals FAQ page here

Over’s enjoys numerous long-standing partnerships and alliances with local companies in the Cobham and Weybridge vicinity; including property maintenance companies, estate agents, solicitors, electrical services and many other local firms .

Need expert removals advice ahead of your move to or from the Weybridge or Cobham area? Give us a call or complete our home or business moving form here and we’ll be glad to discuss your removals requirements.

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